Comfy Splint Adjustable Cone Hand Orthosis

Comfy Splints Adjustable Cone Hand is worn on the lateral side of the arm, with the fingers positioned around a cone and an adjustable hinge at the wrist that helps increase wrist extension.
This splint was designed to treat patients with strong flexion synergy of the fingers and wrist.
The Comfy Adjustable Cone Hand Splint is only returnable, unused, within thirty days.


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Manufacturer # ACH-101
Manufacturer Comfy Splints
UNSPSC Code 42241807
Size Universal
Target Area Hand
Material Broadcloth
Features Adjustable spine bends
Super Soft and removable Headliner
Side swings prevent ulnar and radial deviation
Movable Adjustable hinge to help increase wrist extension
Finger cone to adjusts contractures
Skin safe to prevent skin breakdown


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