Comfy Deviation Finger Extender Orthosis

Deviation Finger Extender Orthosis comes with a unique swivel joint below the wrist that allows for lateral and medial positioning to accommodate the patient with ulnar or radial deviation.

It can be graduated up to increase finger and wrist extension by using two hand roll attachments.

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Manufacturer # DF-101
Manufacturer Comfy Splints
UNSPSC Code 42241807
Application Finger Splints
Size Universal
Target Area Hand/wrist
Material Terry Cloth/ Headliner
Color Navy
Length 12.5 “
Features Closes with velcro Straps
Heatless and toolless Adjustability
Positions the flaccid hand and wrist
Correct and controls radial and ulnar deviation
Splint cover is easily removable and laundered
Soft with rounded padded edges to minimize self-injury
Lined with foam for comfort and to prevent pressure areas
Graduated extension of the spastic clenched fingers and wrist
The handroll attachments are rigid to help decrease flexion synergy
Made From durable terry cloth that absorbs moisture and prevents skin maceration
Allows for increased hygiene care by allowing nail care and cleaning of palmer face
Controls wrist drop Helps restrict arthritic deformity related to neuromuscular impairment
Hard hand roll insert provides constant pressure on the palmar surface to help decrease flexion synergy
Maintains skin integrity by absorbing moisture, allowing air circulation, and preventing skin maceration on palmer face


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