Comfortland Accord III Ankle Brace

Comfortland Accord III Ankle Brace provides the foundation for successful ankle injury prevention and treatment.

It is a low profile, lightweight ankle brace that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion and rotation while allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi and plantar-flexion.

The combination of soft goods with a rigid, foot plate and adjustable calf cuff provides unsurpassed levels of control, fit and support.


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Manufacturer # CL-301-XX
Manufacturer Comfortland Inc
Application Ankle Brace
Features Comfortland Accord III Ankle Brace has front closure system that facilitates simple and secure application
Adjustability of the calf cuff creates a better fit and reduces inventory
Rigid medial and lateral uprights prevent abnormal eversion and inversion and provide protection during activity
Functional hinge design allows for utilization of the brace prophylacticly, after acute injuries and during rehabilitation
Unique footplate material is heat formable at higher temperatures
Size Chart Size
Women’s Shoe Size Men’s Shoe Size
Small Upto 9 Upto 8
Medium 9.5 to 13 8.5 to 12
Large 13.5 and above 12 and above


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